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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I have moved to my own blog


Just in case people thought I'd gone on quiet. I have not. I have simply started posting new articles on my own blog application, ok2life, where I have more control about the formatting, posting method, and publishing. Also, it is nicer to experiment more with Ruby on Rails and to have complete control of your own destiny (granted, is good for what it does).

The more I use Rails, the more experience I acquire. I will hopefully be posting more articles soon on ok2life when I pick up new knowledge along the way. I have seen more activities and feedbacks for my articles, which are good. I am learning from these comments that there are more than one way of doing something in Rails, and I am happy to be shown a more efficient way of doing it. I guess it is useful to build up a knowledgebase for Rails, as currently whatever I search for, I keep getting sent to the Rails API documentation site by Google, which is absolutely terrible for locating the information you need. What the online community needs is more programing guides for Rails, not reference guides.

There is an RSS feed for ok2life at here.

posted by David at 10:34 PM


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