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Friday, December 02, 2005

Off the Rails ?

If you look at the Ruby On Rails download site, you will see it takes three simple steps to download and create your first Rails application. Well, let me show you what happens in the real world. I have just finished putting together my accounts of the last three days, yes three days, to do the equivalent of the "Hello World" C program. Read it here.

posted by David at 12:48 AM


Anonymous said...

1 - You created requirements far outside the tutorials you attempt to follow, some of which seemed to be hand crafted to break those tutorials (rather than reflect issues you'd see on real-world webservers)

2 - the tutorials did not address your issues

3 - so you had to actually learn the technology

4 - which a serious developer getting started by one of those 3 hour tutorials would have had to do anyway.

5 - so you jumped into the deep end when all the signs were clearly pointing you to the shallow end.

6 - that said, 3 days sounds about right. would someone with no PHP familiarity be able to get even a basic, secure, well-structured (i.e. MVC) database driven PHP web application off the ground in 3 days?

7 - of course not.

8 - the hype-generating rails features (works in hours!) have a practical use: they combat the blank-page problem of starting something from scratch, they give you a framework from which to write your real application.

9 - what you seem to want is cookie-cutter ease, but with all the flexibility and nuance of a real development environment

10 - never going to happen

11 - knee-jerk reaction to hype is just as dumb as hype. maybe even a little dumber, since you're just broadcasting to the world that it gets to you, every bit as much as some fanboy.

12 - rails won't cure your kid's cancer, but as far as web application platforms go, it's the nicest i've seen.

4:32 AM  

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